The worlds first Lanocha Racing's 1000 HP TR8!
Bullit The Recipe for a 1000hp TR8:
  • 427ci Dart shortblock
  • 350ci crank
  • JE 8.0 to 1 pistons
  • 6.125 H-beam rods
  • Air Flow Research billet cylinder heads, race ported w/ Manly Inconel 2.05 intake
  • 1.6 exhaust valves w/ Lunati Roller rockers
  • Edelbrock custom modified intake
  • Turbonetics T-4 Custom TurboCharger w/ Dual Evolution wastegates
  • Electromotive Tec 3 Engine Management System w/ onboard wideband O2 tuning
Laboratory Products News and Events
Laboratory Products Roadster 2012

Join Lanocha Racing, The Wedge Shop, TWOA & at The Roadster Factory Summer Party Aug 4-6 2016 in Armagh, PA.

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Bill Sweeting Remembered 1948-2009
On Monday, March 23rd 2009 the Triumph Wedge Car community lost one of its greatest friends and advocates as Bill Sweeting, former Secretary/Treasurer of the TR8 Car Club of America, lost a year long battle with Leukemia. For more than a decade, B ill, along with David Huddleson, managed the TR8CCA while it grew to over 400 members during its peak years in the late 1990s. He was a familiar sight at regional British car shows, particularly The Roadster Factory’s Summer Party, which became the unofficial annual gathering of the TR8CCA. Bill’s promotion of the 1998 Summer Party, at which the TR8 was the featured marquee (the first time the wedge car was so honored at a major event), resulted in a class of more than 80 TR8s; the largest gathering of the marquee before or since.