Arsenal - Mike Perkins
Current Residence: Ellicott City, Maryland
Car Description
Year/Model: 1980 TR8 Coupe
Serial #: TCN160020 UCF Aug.1979
  • Full Cage attached to all suspension Points (future)
  • BL Motorsports Fiberglass Air Dam Early & Late
  • BL Motorsports Fiberglass Front wheel arch flares
  • BL Motorsports Fiberglass Rear wheel arch flares; Long Forest, Short Forest, Wide Lip Tarmac & Small Lip Tarmac
  • Boot Lid Aluminum spare tire post
  • Rear wheel arches opened up for more suspension travel (future)
  • European specification front & rear bumpers
Front Suspension/Brakes
Front Suspension & Steering:
  • BL Motorsports Group 4 Rally Front Struts with 7” of suspension adjustments with heavy duty top mounts Bilstein 320/120 Inserts
  • Adjustable Camber
  • Hypercoil 300lb 2.5” ID springs
  • BL Motorsports 300lb progressive 3.0” ID springs
  • Stock front Subframe
  • Anti-dive kit
  • New manual steering rack with a quick-ratio BL Motorsports gear
  • Front Vented Rotors with Wilwood 4 piston calibers
Transmission & Rear Axle/Brakes
Transmission & Rear Axle:
  • Stock 3.90:1 TR7
  • BL Motorsports aluminum differential cover
  • Phantom grip LSD unit (future)
  • Reinforced & relocated upper control arms (future)
  • Reinforced & modified lower control arms to BL Motorsports standards
  • Panard bar (future)
  • BL Motorsports 300lb rear springs
  • Bilstein 180/90 shocks (to be re-valved)
  • Stock TR8 5-Speed
  • Heavy Duty drive shaft with u-joints
  • 10” rear Rotors with 2 piston calipers (future)
  • Wilwood Dual Master cylinder .75” & .875” bores (future)
  • 1980 3.5 ltr. Rover Block bored .060”
  • Rover Heads ported & polished with Crane Springs & Roller Rocker Arms
  • 11:1 compression
  • 327 Chevy connecting rods
  • Crane Camshaft
  • Anti-pump up hydraulic Lifters
  • Adjustable custom Crane Pushrods
  • Custom Pistons
  • Blue printed & Balanced
  • Lighted Steel Flywheel (future)
  • Heavy duty clutch (future)
  • BL Motorsports/Huffaker 4 barrel Intake Manifold
  • 600CFM Holley 4 pumper Carburator
  • Stock Distributor with crane conversion
  • Big Bore Headers 4 in to 2 duals
  • BL Motorsports Single bore stainless steel exhaust
  • Remote oil filter & 13 row oil cooler (future)
  • Stock Fuel Tank, 14 gallon
  • Bilstein Rally Jack
  • Fire Suppression System (future)
  • Smiths Gauges From TVR 2500 (future)
  • Navigator’s Land Rover Horn Push
  • Aluminum Radiator
  • Corbreau Race Seat
  • 5-Point Safety Belts (future)
  • Kumho Ecsta V70A Tires 235/45/13 soft compound on 13x8 Superlite rims.
  • Sumitomo HTR200 215/50/13 on 13x7 Superlite rims
  • Hankook Z21 205/60/13 medium compound on 13x7 Two-Gates rims
  • Headlight motors removed to be manually raised & lowered
  • 4 Lucas 20/20 Rally Lights 7” diameter
  • 2 Lucas FX 150 Rally Lights 6” diameter
  • Rear Lucas fog light
Car History & Notes
  • This Car was renumber from a earlier series of TR8 coupes possibly as far back as 1978 model
  • Car was owned by Tim Mountjoy in Hyattsville, Maryland and was eventually purchased by one of his employees John Morrison.
  • I purchased the car in 1998 with 90k and one repaint, 13 x 6 magnesium rims, and 95% stock less the air pump and radiator
  • During the conversion from a TR8 coupe to a Works replica TR7V8 a QC tag was found above the headliner that read BODY PASSED BODY No. with hand written “LHS V8” NOV 1978
  • Behind the front bumper another label was found with “LH V8”
  • An original hundra tool bag was found on the bottom of the drivers side rear quarter panel in the boot along with original license plates from 1980.
  • The goal is to create an exact (or as close to) replica of a Works TR7V8 using as many vintage & original parts that can be sourced

Mike has been involved with British cars for over 22 years. It all began back in 1986 with a 1969 MGB-GT when he was a freshman in High School. Not long there after he was taking things apart to improve and partially restore the MG. It was a semi daily driver having to suffer through the cold New England winters. It was during the summer of 1989 he went to his fist car show at Larz-Anderson Park in Brookline Massachusetts. The car placed 2nd in its class. From this point on got more involved in the various other marquees. He read some specifications for the Triumph TR7s & 8s in various books and magazines that sparked some interest. An attempt was made to own a Russet Brown 1978 TR7 coupe that was not in that good of shape in 1990 after graduating from High School. In the end it was a parts car. The MG was used to commute through college for a short spell.

The TR8s were always intriguing and after meeting Todd Kishbach who owned a very rare preproduction 1977 coupe and a 1980 convertible Mike was hooked. The car that put the nail in the coffin was Woody Cooper’s white TR8 coupe, aka “BAD 8”. It was bright white with a hint of pearl and the alloy rims painted body color. The interior was red & black check with red carpet. The engine was in those days pretty modified with an Edelbrock intake, 4 barrel, headers, lumpy cam, dual-point Mallory distributor and to help with acceleration a TR7 3.45:1 rear axle. This was THE TR8 to own some day that was a pretty high standard for an 18 year old kid!

In due time he managed to own that “BAD 8” and a few other TR7s & 8s! In addition to the TR7s & 8s were more MGs, Rovers, and Triumphs. To a tune of over 50 with many being parts. It was while working at various British car repair shops; The Wedge Shop Classic Roadsters, Sports & Classics and Pristine Auto on the south shore of Massachusetts that he learned how to work on a wide variety of makes and models.

Having had the “BAD 8” and parting it out due to a real rusty body beyond repair Mike was set on looking for another TR8 to replace the dream car in 1998. It was a friend in Maryland that found a 1980 white coupe with green check interior, AC and a 5 speed that was 95% original. He flew down and drove the car back to Massachusetts. This is the car he currently owns. After making the migration in 1999 from Massachusetts to Maryland, the engine and transmission were pulled out for a rebuild in 2006. At this point what to do next and which direction to go in were unknown.

The decision was set in stone one day after surfing the web and seeing some pictures of a works rally conversion that was being performed in the UK. More & more exploration into the Works Rally TR7V8 cars and the BL Motorsports program turned up some videos and it was an addiction! The conversion from a stock TR8 coupe to a works rally replica has been documented in the TR8 Car Club of America newsletters and hopefully soon carried over to the Triumph Wedge Owners Association and Lanocha Racing website. During his time in Maryland Mike is helping/encouraging Tim Lanocha and company with their projects.